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    Listed below are descriptions of products & services that your board feels are valuable to our members.  When you use these services the vendors share a portion of the purchase price with the chapter as a source of non-dues revenue.  This revenue helps us provide top-notch programs and  services to our members.  So please support these vendors and help your chapter at the same time!

    On-line employee harassment training

    Constangy offers two online interactive harassment training programs, one for supervisors and managers, and one for non-supervisors. Employees view various harassment scenarios and respond to questions about various forms of harassment.  Their participation is tracked so that employers have a record of who has completed the training.  Because the training is online, it can be done at any time and wherever an employee has access to the internet.  This is a cost effective method of doing and documenting harassment training.  The programs were developed by Constangy attorneys, and are compliant with the laws of all states that require harassment training.  

    Click here to view an informational flyer.

     Click here to visit the training demo. 

    On-line employee assessments

    First Advantage Corporation, a U. S. based company that has provided quality assessments to the HR market globally for over 15 years, is making their assessments available to our chapter members for on-line purchase.  There are approximately 800 assessments available which measure skills for jobs in a wide variety of industries.  The assessments are content valid as defined by the EEOC and federal testing guidelines and the scoring reports are easy to read and simple to interpret.  For more information, chapter member Jim Esmond (the local First Advantage representative) and can be reached in Lakeland at 863-646-7725 or

    Click here to view an informational flyer on skills assessments.

    Click here to view an informational flyer on behavioral/cognitive assessments.

    Click here to view the complete test catalog.

    Click here to learn how the testing works and  visit the on-line assessment site.